The smart use of smartphones in paediatrics


The problematic overuse of electronic devices, in particular smartphones, is negatively affecting the lives. Cell phone technology has advanced its capabilities with smartphones to now easily provide children and teens with endless access to the internet, social media, and other online activities. Research is showing that addictive, smart phone activities of youth in their formative years is directly impacting their wellbeing. The excessive time youth spend on their smartphones results in less human interaction, sleep, exercise, and productivity, as well as, increased risk of exposure to inappropriate or violent online media, anxiety, and depression. The purpose of this column is to explore the potential behavioral and developmental problems in youth related to the problematic overuse of the smartphone; inform the importance of monitoring and controlling indiscriminate youth use of technology, and the approaches pediatric nurses can employ to guide youth and their families to prevent negative outcomes for this evolving public health problem.

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