The Effects of Reminiscence Therapy on Depressive Symptoms among Elderly


Depression is common among elderly, it can effects on their quality of life and cause severe emotional pain, decline in their physical function. There are many systematic reviews studies of reminiscence therapy and depression has formed reliable results. Recent findings from a systematic review propose that reminiscence therapy is an effective treatment for depression in older adults. Overall, the summary estimates of analyses propose a correlation between reminiscence therapy and depression.

Additionally, symptoms of depression in older adults are often looked out and untreated because they concur with other problems, it can effects the mental health, the quality of life of the elderly and their physical health; it can cause severe emotional pain, decline in physical function, and the risk of death.

Also Reminiscence therapy considered as one method of using the memory to protect mental health and improve the quality of life by recalling the past events or experiences, reflecting on one’s life with a focus on re-evaluation in systematically way, resolving conflicts from the past, helping to find meaning in one’s life and assessing former adaptive coping responses and this therapy often done within group.

Moreover, one randomized control study conducted showed that reminiscence therapy considered effective on depression among elderly when they assigned 102 randomized patients to experimental and control groups, the experimental group received three sessions a week for 24 weeks, for a total of 72 sessions of reminiscence therapy, and the control group received a one to one simple supportive interview once a week during the same period. Furthermore, reminiscence therapy decreases depressive symptoms.

As well as understanding reminiscence therapy, the component and the efficacy of reminiscence therapy in treating depressive symptoms among elderly. Understanding the efficacy of this treatment can help the health team provider to determine which treatment is more appropriate. Also, reminiscence should be offered as a routine care to elderly patients who suffering from depressive symptom

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