Regulation of and by the Plant Cell Wall


The plant cell wall is a dynamic network surrounding the plant cell. It consists of a cross-linked polysaccharide matrix, including as major components cellulose microfibrils, hemicellulose and pectin, as well as the minor components of structural proteins and lignin. The plant cell wall represents the most abundant terrestrial carbon source, and plays a key role in many important plant physiological processes. The wall characteristics vary in different cell types and are highly-regulated during cell biological processes. The dynamic and flexible properties of the cell wall facilitate cell growth and cell differentiation as well as sensing and signaling to external and internal stimuli (such as abiotic/biotic stresses). Understanding the regulation of plant cell wall biosynthesis and homeostasis/modification is fundamental to understanding plant development and providing insights for biotechnological exploitation to benefit the bio-product and forage industries.

This Research Topic will gather current knowledge and pressing questions about plant cell wall regulation. Regulation that mediates changes in plant cell walls may occur via diverse mechanisms at the molecular and cellular levels, including, but not limited to, the following aspects:

a) Regulation of biosynthesis, transport and deposition of plant cell wall polysaccharide precursors

b) Regulation of assembly, modification, expansion and degradation of the cell wall matrix

c) Transcription factor-mediated regulation of cell wall-associated enzymes

d) Post transcriptional regulation of biosynthetic enzymes (protein modification, and subcellular transport)

e) Hormonal control of cell wall remodeling

f) Cell wall remodeling in resistance to pathogens

g) Regulation of mechanical properties of cell wall architecture and structure

h) Cell wall mechano-sensing and modeling

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