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Journal of Preventive Medicine celebrate its 4th anniversary in the year 2020. Journal of Preventive Medicine has surged popularity in the last few years particularly among the field of Medicine. The team is going to release a special issue on the topic: Digital Health Developments. On this occasion we are providing unlimited facility to the authors. If you are in need of publishing papers at an esteemed journal in the field of digital medicine, this time you are welcome to submit your papers in the special issue research areas of Digital Health, services in healthcare, digital medicine technology, Preventive Healthcare, Healthcare Research, Global Medicine, and Telemedicine at 50% processing charge.

Digital Health Developments
Globally, trends in digital medicine technology are disrupting healthcare and medicine delivery. In the coming years, what changes can we expect to see? The days of medical care being confined to a doctor's office or a clinic are gone. The era of digital medicine has been launched by information technology, and a growing number of conventional and non-traditional IT firms are joining the fray, providing a range of new tools and services in healthcare. Advances in sensor technology, universal wireless capabilities and rapid growth in electronic data and predictive analytics–these are just a few of the advances that are already revolutionizing health care and virtual medicine, from disease prevention and diagnosis to treatment and tracking. Google, Apple and Microsoft have invested heavily in platforms providing consumers with the ability to track and capture their own health data. Modern medicine is announcing a major shift from the traditional "one size fits all" approach to a much more cost-effective approach. Submit the manuscript online at: Manuscript Submission System or send as an e-mail attachment to the Editorial Office at or