Expression Profile of Hexosaminidases Genes in the Brain of Ob/Ob Mice Transplanted with Adipose Tissue


Expression Profile of Hexosaminidases Genes in the Brain of Ob/Ob Mice Transplanted with Adipose Tissue


Purpose: This study aims to assess the expression profile of hexosaminidase genes in the brain of ob/ob mice, to better understand the mechanisms underlying posttranslational protein modifications that leads to Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). Glycoproteins assembled within the endoplasmic reticulum carry biological codes determining their fate. Reproduction depends on important glycoproteins and their circulating levels might be affected by leptin.

Methods: B6.V-Lepob/J mice were divided into three groups: Control normal weight; control obese and 7-daytreated obese. Their brains were processed for RNA extraction. PCR Array assays were performed in plates containing 11 mannosidases genes.

Results: Genetic profile of the 7-day group compared to the Control group showed that 82% of the 11 hexosaminidase genes were differentially expressed. These genes were downregulated: Edem1 and 3 can be highlighted. Only two out of six glucosidase-related genes were differentially expressed, Hexa and b, both downregulated.

Conclusion: Leptin alters glycosylation processes of brain molecules pivotal for the malfunctioning of reproductive system, Gene expression levels of hexosaminidases are altered after a seven-day leptin treatment, that causes a gene-expression profile similar to those of the normal weight. Leptin treatment might lead to lower levels of monoglucosylated glycoforms of LH, a hallmark of glycoprotein degradation.

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