Epigenetic Basis of Regeneration


Regeneration studies have a long history with their main attention focused on investigating amazing phenomena found among animals such as limb re-growth in amphibians or reconstitution of a whole animal from isolated pieces, observed in planarians. The regeneration abilities of mammals, and humans in particular, were considered to be very limited. The discovery of stem cells has excited great interest in regenerative medicine, whereas impressive advances in the field of epigenetics showed the molecular basis of organism development and tissue differentiation. Epigenetic aspects of regeneration have long been understudied, but recently there is an increasing body of evidence on the role of epigenetic mechanisms in regenerative potential and processes. Particularly epigenetic repression is extremely likely to be responsible for the decline in regenerative capacity with development, and therefore, it may be the key to stimulate regeneration.
We welcome contributions of Original Research and Review articles that will add to the understanding of epigenetic impact on regenerative capacity as well as the role of epigenetic regulation in regeneration processes.
We are particularly interested in the studies which have implications for regeneration in mammals and regenerative medicine, however diverse epigenetic aspects related to wound healing and regeneration are within our scope.
Potential topics include, but are not limited to:

• mammalian models of regeneration;
• skin wound healing and wound repair;
• clinical investigations;
• epigenetic characteristics of somatic stem cells in the context of regeneration;
• DNA methylation and other covalent modifications of DNA;
• miRNA regulation;
• chromatin remodeling and histone modifications;
• use of epigenetic drugs such as DNA methylotransferase and histone deacetylase inhibitors.

This Research Topic will be an opportunity to pharmacologists, geneticists, and other researchers in order to intensify collaborations. Submissions can be done either by Editorial Tracking System or through mail to genomics@geneticsjournals.com.

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