Care for Orthopedic Trauma Patients


Orthopedic trauma is a broad term describing all kinds of injuries affecting the bones, joints, muscles, tendons, and ligaments in any part of the body that are caused by trauma. The term is wide-ranging and may refer to minor fractures or severely broken bones with a direct threat to the patient’s life. It is considered as a sub-specialty of orthopaedic surgery and is focused on treating fractured bones and making sure the injured part of the body regains its original strength and maximum function it used to have prior to the injury. Orthopedic trauma is usually followed by a long recovery period, depending on the severity of the injury and the affected body part. The shortest recovery period is usually three weeks for minor injuries. Arm or wrist injuries, as well as a fractured collarbone, may take 6 to 8 weeks to heal, while ankle injuries may take up to 6 weeks. There are also cases in which the bone fails to heal, leaving a permanent injury. However, the healing time tend to be shorter in children, whose bones heal more quickly. Most patients recovering from orthopedic trauma are advised to undergo a post-treatment program to avoid joint or muscle atrophy, which may occur as a result of long periods of inactivity.

Orthopedic trauma is treated depending on its severity. Those who have minor injuries such as fractures can be easily treated by general orthopedists, although in some cases, the expertise of fracture specialists may become necessary. However, some types of trauma such as multiple broken bones and fractures in sensitive locations such as near the joints or affecting the pelvis may require trauma specialists.

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