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Educational data mining and learning analytics encouragesdeveloping methods for discovering student learningpatterns and behaviors by investigating the distinct set ofdata available in learning environments. Researchers in thisfield of domain have developed useful models by exploringdata from different learning environments. Most of the dataused by these researchers come from computer basedlearning environment where datasets can be easily fetchedand analyzed. For the goal of educational data mining to befully realized, researchers must engage in investigating datafrom every learning environment, either in computer basedlearning environment or traditional learning environment;or institutions with information management systems ornot. With is this view in mind, this research aim to exposethe experience during data collection at two publicuniversities in Bayelsa state, Nigeria. The research describesthe data collection process and highlights the challengesfaced. The research concludes by encouraging researchersto share their data collection experiences to help futureresearchers to be adequately prepared and encourageeducational data mining researchers to support the goals ofthe educational data mining community by studyingstudents from every learning environment.

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